Fun Things To Do And See In Tennessee

Fun Things To Do And See In Tennessee

Tennessee is not often thought of as a first choice when Americans are considering traveling for vacation, but really it is a wonderful state for finding a great deal to do and see. There are museums, amusement parks, National Parks and more. There is something for everyone so that the whole family is sure to be pleased.

Everyone knows that Nashville is a city in the state and that they are known as the music capitol of the world, but the city is much more than that. They have a booming night life with more than just country music to enjoy. They are also full of museums, fine art, amazing restaurants and various entertainment. If you are looking for a place that allows you to enjoy things to do day and night this is the city for you.

The Great Smokey Mountain National Park is a great place to visit if you enjoy the great outdoors. Here you will find countless trails for hiking, camping, picnicking grounds, cabins for rent and more. While many think of the Grand Canyon as the most visited site for amazing views, The Great Smokey Mountain National Park actually beats their yearly visitor record.

If you are a fan of the late Elvis Presley then you absolutely must visit his home. It is known as Graceland and gives its visitors the chance to see exactly what it was like when Elvis had lived there. You will see how he had his home decorated, the various rooms that he felt were important to have for his daily use as well as the momentos that he saved through his career. This is the location in which he died as well so it is as close as you can get to what Elvis experienced in his last years on this planet.

Another location dedicated to someone famous is Dollywood. It was created by Dolly Parton to share her love of life with those in her community. It has an amusement park, various entertainment, music, delicious restaurants and exhibits that teach kids what life was like living in the Appalachia Mountains.

Tennessee has so much to do that you may be left with tough decisions on which area to visit. Just think about what you and those traveling with you usually enjoy and you are sure to find an area that meets your needs and interests.